Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tomorrow is Halloween

  Tomorrow is Halloween.

  And my son doesn't even know.

 Last year, I got him one of those dragon costumes from The Children's Place. He looked so cute. I took him to a Halloween parade sort of thing in a nearby town. All the stores on the avenue were offering the kids treats. My daughter came along also. My son did not look at the other kids in their costumes, he didn't look at the colorful decorations. He just looked at the wheels of of stroller going around and around.

 Later, we visted my in-laws. My son's grandparents. I wanted them to see how cute he looked in his costume. He proceeded to go to the kitchen where he opened and closed the cabinet doors. Open and close, open and close. We then went to a friend's home. He open and closed cabinets there too.

  I was depressed following last year's Halloween. So I decided not to set my self up for depression this year. We're in a new home, in the suburbs. I expect some trick or treaters this year. I will give them candy. My daughter wants to take her brother trick or treating, along with her daughter, who is only 4 months old, but this is her first Halloween, so my daughter wants to put a little costume on her, just for fun. I told my daughter not to be disappointed if her brother shows no interest in trick or treating. She said she wants to at least try and if she gets some Reece's pieces during trick or treating, it's all good.

 It's all good.

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