Sunday, November 11, 2007

Amy Winehouse

My son looooves Amy Winehouse.

Earlier this year, Amy Winehouse appeared on The David Letterman Show. My son was watching (this was during his no sleeping phase)he came into the dining room to get me and dragged me by the hand to watch her with him. He was really into it. She appeared on another TV program a week or so later and he had the same reaction. He really enjoyed her music and look.

One day we were at Target. I had my son sitting in the shopping cart. It was early morning. We passed the music department where a stock clerk was stocking the shelves with the new Amy Winehouse CD. My son, who until that time did not point at all for anything grunted at me. He touched my hand with his right hand and POINTED strongly, directly, and unprompted at the Amy Winehouse CD with his left hand.

I was beyond happy. So of course I had to buy him the CD. It's among his favorites. At night, when I put him to bed and let him choose a CD to listen to, nine times out of ten, he will choose Amy Winehouse.

Is Amy Winehouse appropriate for a two year old? Not really I mean the CD is full of drug and alcohol references. On track four she does ask, " What kind of fuckery is this?" But you know what? I don't care.

Amy Winehouse helped my son communicate in a way that others couldn't.

Thanks, Amy. I dig your sound and so does my son.

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Colleen said...

My son was this way with Cher!
Our house was All Cher All The Time for 5 years. I even fed into it and took him to her concert...and I was able to get him her autograph!

Now he is obsessed with Wicked.