Saturday, November 3, 2007

I'm not an intellectual

Someone asked what I mean by that.

I have been reading books written by other mothers living with autism. The ones that I have read so far have been great. They have been informative, educational, and eye-opening but the women who have written them, while I can identify with their autism experiences, are "intellectuals".

You know the type. They hold post graduate degrees and have lived their lives in academia.

That ain't me.

The only degrees I hold are from the School of Life and my graduate degree from the School of What is Happening Now.

I applaud the other Moms who have been published. I do. However, I wonder, if these Moms who were not academics and have not been published before in their field of academia, and people like Jenny McCarthy who is a celebrity and previously published author- would their autism stories be published? Would they still be permitted a voice?

That's why I'm trying. I'm trying for families who don't have benefit of wonderful support staff and lovely country get-away homes. I'm trying for me and others like me. I'm trying for everyone who has a story to tell.

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