Thursday, November 1, 2007


 My son is in a period of regression.

 He was ill with an ear infection last week. He missed most of his ABA sessions. Yesterday was Halloween, which upset him more than I thought it would.

 Today was like it was one year ago. He used my hands as his hands. He turned his wheeled toys over to spin the wheels instead of playing appropriately. He threw a fit when his beloved, his absolute favorite ABA therapist came for his time today. I had to sit in on most of the session and it wasn't one of his best.

 I think it's my fault. Maybe I don't appreciate how important routine is to him since he can't tell me and he doesn't tantrum if things change. Maybe I should have played with him in his room while my husband gave candy to the trick or treaters. Maybe having his big sister and neice visit on Halloween and taking him to three houses to trick or treat was just too much for him.

 It's all my fault. I'm sorry, David. I will pay closer attention to your needs.

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