Monday, November 26, 2007

Vaccines and Autism

You know I had to go there sometime. Well that time is now.

My son's autism was not caused by vaccines. There is zero link between vaccines and my son's autism.

How do I know?

My son never had a vaccine.

Prior to our pregnancy... "our" that's funny, I don't recall my husband getting a round tummy and heartburn for 8 months, but I'm in a generous mood today. Prior to our pregnancy, during that phase of how will we handle this or that, the issue of immunizing our potential child came up. My husband, fearful of the what he read about autism and imminizations and the possible link between the two said that he did not want our child immunized ever. He told me that he has a cousin who chose not to immunize his children and that we should speak to this cousin. We did and the cousin gave us some books to read. I agreed with my husband. I agreed that infancy was NOT the time for immunizations. That is how I handled that issue with my daughter. I didn't like the fact that the first immunizations she had gave her high fevers and a screaming fit following the DPT. So I stopped the immunizations and did not continue them until she was four. She tolerated them better. Living where we live, in a large metropolitan area, I didn't feel comfortable leaving our child without protection in this environment, so I hoped that my husband would agree with me and immunize our potential child at some point.

Because of my husband's views, I agreed not to immunize. My son had NO immunizations.

My son has autism.

Does that mean that I don't think that there is a link between immunizations and autism? No, it doesn't. I think that there are too many parents out there who say,
"My child was normal until he/she received the "X" vaccine". Too many, too many not to pay attention to. Those cases sadden me the most. To have to watch the child you know vanish before your eyes. It's heartbreaking.

That hasn't been my experience with autism.

David was never "with" us. Something was wrong from birth. Subtle things at first that I just couldn't identify, then the problems became more obvious. The diagnosis was heartbreaking, but I refused to let it break my spirit.

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