Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Christmas Tree is Up...

...and it almost came down.

After David's ABA session, my husband put up our artificial Christmas tree.

This year, it's an abreviated version. Normally this thing is 12 feet high with enough clear twinkly lights to light an airport runway. This year, we used the bottom portion and the top making it a much more managable 5 feet.

My husband decorated the tree while I held David in my lap, all snuggly under our soft TV blanky. We turned on the digital cable TV music channel for Songs of the Season. That added the perfect ambiance. My husband and I sang sappy Christmas songs-Perry Como anyone?- while I shared childhood Christmas memories with my Davids.

Along with the twinkly lights, the tree is trimmed with small red velvet bows and a few plastic non-breakable ornaments.

David loves the tree. He touched the lights, which don't get hot and of course he found the plastic ornaments that were within his reach.

One mighty grab and it was TIMBER! I caught the tree before it fell on his head.

I am thankful though. He is aware of the tree this year and he tried to give me the "T" sound in tree. It's all good and he did look oh so cute checking out the tree in his red sweat shirt and PJ pants.


Maddy said...

Oopsie! The top of ours is secured with string to the top bannister - can't be too careful around here.
Best wishes

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Amy said...

I already have ornaments (non-breakable - I learned after Peter broke 4 of my favorite ones last year - oye!) all over my floor - ha,ha I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!