Sunday, December 2, 2007

I Have To Be Trusting and Celebratory

Because of situations that have occurred on my life, I have trust issues.

I don't believe that people are inherently good. I don't believe that a
stranger could possibly have my best interest at heart. If something
seems to good to be true, then it is too good to be true.

My son had his child study team evaluation in October and the reports and the proposed IEP arrived in the mail on Friday.

It seems to good to be true.

I agree with the findings of the evaluations. I agree with the level of disability that was found and the proposed IEP. Well, except for one little point that I'm sure will be handled at the IEP meeting that I will schedule for next week.

Too Good To Be True

I agree that he should have services during the extended school year and the holiday break on 2008.

Too Good To Be True

I hope I'm wrong.

He will begin preschool on his birthday. He will be in a program
for children with autism. He will spend part of the day with peers
without disabilities and have pull-outs for PT, OT, Speech, and Oral
Motor therapy.

Too Good To Be True

I have to trust strangers with my child. My child who has autism, hypotonia, nystagmus and SID. My child who does not speak.

It's hard, but necessary.

When my older child started school, I had a ritual. On the first day of
school, I took off work. I put my daughter on the school bus. I went
back home, made a huge breakfast, complete with a Mimosa. I ate my
breakfast, drank my yummy Mimosa and rented cheesy videos. I watched
videos and snacked on my guilty pleasure foods until the school bus
brought my daughter home.

I knew my daughter would have no problems in school. She was very
verbal, to the point of preciousness. She was a leader, and popular,
and confident. I knew those things about her. I knew that she was the
type of kid who was competitive in every sense of the word and I celebrated that, with a Mimosa.

Should I not celebrate my son?

I think I will celebrate. I will celebrate that his world is expanding. I will
celebrate that he will have new experiences that don't involve Mommy. I
will celebrate that his first day of school is the first day of his

So, On January 3. I will toast my son with a Mimosa.

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Maddy said...

It is hard, a huge leap of faith.

Best wishes