Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Pizza and The Menorah

David and I like to share Margareta Pizza from Costco. It's one of the few regular foods that he'll eat. It has an ultra-thin crust, no sauce, chunks of tomato and basil. Because the crust is ultra-thin, it has the crunch factor that he likes.

Yesterday we were sharing our pizza. I feed his slices to him, because he doesn't like the tomato chunks to touch his hands. Yesterday, for the first time ever..HE FED ME PIZZA!

In the non-autism world. This would be no big deal. My kid is almost three, big whoop, he fed you pizza. In my world, this is a big deal, a huge deal, a colossal deal.

He fed me pizza. He picked up my slice and fed it to me. While gazing into my eyes and watching my happy mouth take a big bite. We took turns feeding each other the pizza. We devoured the entire pizza and it was the best pizza I ever had.

Later in the day, we watched some TV. Non-Elmo programming, which is a rarity. It's all Elmo all the time, but he allowed me to watch the news. Yesterday was the beginning of Hanukkah and the Menorah at Central Park, the largest Menorah in the world was being lit.

The Rabbi had a beard and a hat. David was touching the Rabbi's face. I don't think he ever saw a bearded man before. The Rabbi and another man were attempting to light the Menorah with a blowtorch. It was very windy and the Rabbi was trying to keep his hat on his head and handle the blowtorch at the same time. David fell into a fit of mighty laughter.

Me, being in Mom mode, explained why laughing wasn't nice, but as I watched with David, well, I had to admit, it was funny.

I took the opportunity to explain what Hanukkah is and I sang the only Hanukkah song I know all the words to. That was David's cultural education for the day.

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Maddy said...

Horray and good for you! It is a tremendous deal. Mine won't [physically] touch the stuff.

This is my calling card or link"Whittereronautism"until blogger comments get themselves sorted out.