Friday, January 4, 2008


David aged out of Early Intervention on January 2. He had his last E.I. ABA session from 3:30 to 5:30 and then we had a small farewell party immediately after.

The party was attended by my husband and I, David's sister and niece, David's grandparents, and three of his ABA therapists.

We shared cake and goodbyes. I will miss his therapists. They were so kind and loving towards David. I know they will miss him too.

January 3rd. marked David's 3rd. birthday and his first day of school.

What a day it was!

My husband took the day off work. We did the morning thing. Bath, breakfast, the packing of the school supplies, then it was off to school.

David's teacher met us in the main office. My husband held David by one hand and the teacher had the other. She complimented David on his new haircut and wished him a happy birthday. David let go of his father's hand and walked alone with the teacher. We arrived at the classroom and David entered it alone. He found a toy that he liked and he played with that. He didn't even notice me or his dad. He continued to play with the toy. My husband and I stepped into the hall to speak with the teacher for a moment. I went back into the classroom to snap two photos. David was content. Totally!

I had to go to the school nurse to drop off the all important "blue card" which contains contact and medical information. After that, my husband and I went back to the classroom to see how David was doing. We peered in through the window.

David was sitting and participating during circle time. He was clapping his hands.

My husband and I went to breakfast.

David's teacher called at noon. She reported that David had a good morning. He played, he did a few puzzles. He cried just a little at 11, but he was easily consoled. He ate all his lunch. He sat nicely.

We picked David up after school. He greeted me with a big smile. He gave me a little hug around the neck and a kiss. There were no tears. His teacher reported that he had a good afternoon. She was impressed with his ability to do puzzles. He was tired so she allowed him a short nap.

He had a good day!

Today David and I started the routine again. He was happy to go to school. I took him into the classroom and he immediately left me. Just left me. He walked to his teacher and put his arm up to signal that he needed to take off his coat. He walked to his locker. He didn't even wave goodbye. He looked at me like, "Why are you still here"

Well, dang.

He made his transition to school with confidence. He wasn't fearful of the world without me in it. One the one hand, I am happy about that. My ego, on the other hand, is saying," Um-HELLO!, remember me"?

I was so emotional yesterday. I was worried about David. I had no need to worry. He handled himself with aplomb. That's my boy and I'm proud to be his mother.


DoubleK said...

I'm very excited to read that David has transitioned so well.

I stumbled upon your blog while doing a search on autism. I hope the book writing/collecting stories is going well.

amy said...

Yeah, David! I almost cried when Peter first started school! Now, I have to do that with Brandon in April! I'm glad he did so well in school - they are growing so fast!

Best wishes!

Kelly Yates-Rice said...

Hi doublek-

Thanks! David had another good day today. Two in a row!

The book is going ok. Now that David is in school, I have more time to write.

Kelly Yates-Rice said...

Hi Amy,

Our boys aren't babies anymore! Sniff, sniff.

Maddy said...

They grow up so fast don't they.
Best wishes