Tuesday, January 15, 2008

I Have Brass Ovaries!

Yesterday, I called in to a radio show airing on Blogtalkradio. It was one of those shows that offered psychic readings. What the heck, I thought, it could be fun.

The reader asked me what I wanted to know. I told her to surprise me, She said she would give me her impressions as they came to her.

The first thing she said: I HAVE BRASS OVARIES!

Well, how about that. I didn't know I had brass ovaries. After I thought about it, I guess I do.

She explained what she meant by that statement. I am a woman who gets things done. I may procastenate, but when I want something, nothing stands in my way. I can mult-task and do all of my tasks well.

That is so true.

Take today for example. I got up. I got my son off to school with help from Daddy. I washed two loads of laundry, folded and put away four loads. I went to the store for produce for my chicken stock. I cut a chicken in half so one half could make the stock for homemade chicken soup which is on the stove right now and seasoned the other half for roasting. Prepared my resume and faxed it to a prospective employer. I spoke with my co-grandmother. I cleaned my kitchen, livingroom and two bathrooms. I made the bed. I think I ate, but I don't remember. I checked my e-mails and returned some.

You get the idea.

Does this day sound unusual?

I bet it doesn't.

So, Cheers to all of my sister-moms with brass ovaries!

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