Saturday, January 26, 2008

Our Trip To Disneyworld...

...aka, The Laundromat.

I should have known, I should have been thinking. A laundromat contains two of David's favorite things. Things that spin and things with doors.

My son was in hog heaven! He was just beside himself with glee. He was at Disneyworld.

He couldn't contain himself and what child can at Disneyworld. I should have known, I REALLY should have known.

At first his non-stop motion was fine. There were only two other patrons doing their laundry. Within 20 minutes, Disneyworld was filling up with other patrons wanting to enjoy the amusements, I mean washers.

It wasn't safe to let David roam around watching the spinning of the amusements, I mean machines and other patrons wanted to enjoy them. So I took David by the hand and let him lead me around and around Disneyworld. As more patrons entered, I thought it better to place David in the baskets. They do have wheels after all and they make a great ride.

I wheeled that boy all over Disneyworld. Around and around over and over. And then it started. Comments from the peanut gallery.

You know how that goes:
" If he were my kid I'd tear that bottom up"

" Hmph, I wouldn't let my kid lead me around like that'"
- It's good exercise for both of us

The laundromat was full of catty women today. They should have let it become Disneyworld and they would have had a blast, like David did.


amy said...

Awww...too cute! Urgh about the comments - as long as David had a blast, that's all that matters!

Sigh, when is the warm weather coming??? :)

Kelly Yates-Rice said...

The warm weather better come soon - It's gettting a bit hairy around here! I'm sure it is at your house too.

Anonymous said...

Hello? If somebody said that about tearing my kid's bottom up in my hearing I would slam her in the clothes dryer and send her ass for a spin. People need to keep their opinions to themselves.
My husband and I took our then-two-year-old to a restaurant. It was a fairly nice seafood place and our son was the only child there but he was well-behaved. This old couple at the next table started making comments about how THEY used to hire babysitters for their kids when they went out to eat but maybe SOME YOUNG PEOPLE couldn't AFFORD a babysitter and similar crap, all the time staring at us as if we were swinging from the curtains and setting the place on fire.
We finally told them to either wait until they left to talk about us or lower their voices.
Some people are just miserable and they want every else to be miserable, too. I'd love to see a child having fun at the laundromat.