Tuesday, January 8, 2008

PJs Must Come Off First

David's transition to school is going much better than I expected. When he came downstairs this morning, he grabbed his coat from the post at the bottom of the stairs and wanted to put it on right away, over his PJs.

That's a good sign. That's the sign of a boy ready to go!

He rode the bus for the first time yesterday. Our neighbor from across the street rides the same bus, so David has a bus buddy. He and his bus buddy were looking at each other like, "What are you doing in my seat"?

When David arrived home at 4, he was fast asleep. Out for the count. He slept until 6. His teacher reported that David like story time in the library and that he played the drums during music time.

That's just wonderful. Really it is.

This is the same boy, who just one year ago, would sit and spin wheels, open and close doors, and play with his light up activity table during the day and all night long.

You've come a long way, baby!


amy said...

Yeah David! I'm so happy that his transition to school was great. Peter is also a different kid at school then at home - maybe it' the enviornment. But I'm glad that our boys enjoy school - let's pray it remains like that forever! :)

Kelly Yates-Rice said...

Amen, Sister!