Friday, January 11, 2008

Todays' Public Service Announcement

I know life is hectic. Everyone is in a hurry, but could you do me one teensy tiny favor?

Don't honk at the school bus!

My son has been riding the school bus all week. Everyday, some idiot honks their car horn at the bus. Not just a little tap, a loud nasty HONK!

When I took my son off the bus a few minutes ago, a man in a red car, I think it was an Oldsmobile, was honking his horn very obnoxiously. My son was asleep, so I unstrapped him while the bus aid tended to another rider who lives across the street. When I stepped off the bus, holding my sleeping son, the driver honked at me. I yelled at him to stop honking his horn. He flipped me off. I flipped back. He flipped me a good one, but he didn't realize that the bus moves only a few feet to drop off my neighbor, so he was stuck, right in front of me, so I got the last flip.

What is wrong with people? It's a school bus and a short yellow bus at that. This isn't isolated, this has happened everyday.

Sigh, it's just another thing in life that I just don't understand.


Maddy said...

Yes I don't get the honking. I think it probably falls into the same category as people who get annoyed when emergency services vehicles require you to pull over.
Best wishes

Kelly Yates-Rice said...

Happy New Year, Maddy!

amy said...

Yikes - some people can be so stupid! I'm glad that I haven't gotten that with Peter's bus - I can be a nasty person when I see people do stupid things. I hope David had a great school week!

Kelly Yates-Rice said...

Oh Oh..we may get a snow day tomorrow, Check out! Yuck!

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Kelly Yates-Rice said...

Hi Crescenet!
Thanks for visiting and for the hug, that's a nice way to start my week!