Tuesday, January 22, 2008

'Twas The Night of The 90 Minute Crying Jag...

...and we all survived.

David woke up from his afterschool nap crying, wanting to be held. My daughter and granddaughter were visiting. My husband came home, grabbed his wallet and left to get a haircut before the jag started and it was over by the time he returned.

It's hard letting your kid cry it out. It's hard when they are three and they should be able to listen to reason, heck at three they should be able to awaken from a nap and just chill until dinnertime.


David doesn't go ballistic often, thank goodness because I don't know if I can handle that, seriously. The 90 minute non stop screaming was bad enough. I had to cook dinner, tacos made with frozen ground turkey that I forgot to defrost beforehand. Oh well, stuff happens.

I also had to go to the basement and figure out how to dis-assemble the washing machine. I think a belt needs to be replaced. I hope a belt needs to be replaced. I can do that once I find the belt. It's dark there and I don't see too well. I'll try again in with tomorrow's light.

I was finally able to console David. Dinner cooked. Granddaughter fed. At least she wasn't crying. My daughter tried to console David during the jag, but he's still upset with his sister for having "that thing". Yummy tacos were enjoyed by all. Even David ate half a taco for the very first time. Good for him.

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