Tuesday, February 19, 2008

The Ups and Downs of Life and Autism

For the first time in the history of our family, we filed our tax return before April 15th. Hippie Hooray. We had plans for that anticipated refund. Big Plans.

You know how it is when you make plans-

Since the day of learning of our anticipated refund our washing machine needed to be replaced and the car is in the shop with what will probably be an expensive transmission problem- Is there any other kind?

I have been looking for a part time job since my son started school in January. I had a phone interview for a position that is within walking distance of my house and has the hours I need. I didn't think I was impressive during the phone interview. It was my first interview of any kind in a very loooong time. I did well enough to earn a face to face interview this coming Thursday. Perhaps I've been Googled? Google didn't even exist the last time I interviewed for a job. Should I be nervous? Nah!

David had his yearly check up on Friday. His school was closed for winter break on Friday and Monday. He also needed his next round of immunizations. So, I thought I could schedule the shots for Friday, he would have his fever on Sunday, be fever free on Monday and back to school today. Nope. On Sunday I found him on the floor twitching, yes, twitching. He had a fever of 103 degrees. The fever continued. He has a virus that is going around to the little people. He's better now. He hasn't been fever free for 24 hours, so no school again tomorrow. My husband is off this week for his winter break. So my men are home this week. How did I get so lucky?

So, I've been working on my book since October. Well, I was reading People magazine one evening last week and there was a profile of a book called Autism Heroes and guess what? You guessed- the book has the same theme as mine. I felt so defeated, but I quickly got over it. I will simply turn my project into something else. These things happen.

We started giving David Fish Oil. We thought, it can't hurt and may help since there are those in the autism community who report "improvements" in their child.
David can't swallow capsules, so we are using a liquid suppliment with lemon- what would fish be without lemon, right?

I have been paying close attention to see if anything, just anything at all is different about David with the use of fish oil. I have noticed that his BMs ( so sorry, TMI) are more solid and less watery. He is babbling more and has more approximations of words. I mention the bowel thing because that is an issue with David. I mentioned this to his pediatrician during his check up and my thoughts about that. Long story short, we received a referal to a gastrointerologist and a nutritionist. Two more doctors. Oh Boy! During a trip to the grocery store, David did manipulate the groceries on the conveyor belt and pretended to scan them like the cashier. That has NEVER happened before, usually he is the screamer in lane 5. One the way into the doctor's office this evening, he noticed a car engine starting and wanted to investigate where the sound came from. I will write about fish oil again, if there is something to report. If anyone has experience with using Fish Oil, please share.

We lost a loved one on Valentine's Day. My husband's Uncle. He was such a warm, sweet man. The last time I saw him was at my sister-in-law's wedding just six weeks ago. He was dancing with the love of his life and being his usual cheery self. His last words to me were to keep doing what I'm doing and everything will be fine. Thank you for that, Uncle. We will miss you.


amy said...

I have been using cod fish oil from Child Life Essentials with the boys and have only seen some improvement. But any improvement is great, right? Having my dh home in the daytime would drive me crazy - too much of him is a no no - ha,ha

Best wishes!

amy said...

I have been using cod fish oil from Child Life Essentials with the boys and have only seen some improvement. But any improvement is great, right? Having my dh home in the daytime would drive me crazy - too much of him is a no no - ha,ha

Best wishes!

amy said...

sorry about the double post.


Ettina said...

I'm autistic (PDD NOS) and I would like the world to know that autism is not a terrible thing - just a different way of being.

Anonymous said...

Go Fish Oil! Hooray!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,
I stumbled upon your blog via some other Autism Blog. I am the Mom of twin 4yr old with Autism. I alomost heard myself when I read many of your posts! It is such an up and down road, but you are on target about how so many of us Mommies feel. I live in NJ, not sure where you are. It is great to connect with other parents going through this, and your hubby sounds alot like mine also. Looking forward to redaing your posts, and thinking maybe I should start a blog too??? Keep th faith, we are all in this together:)

TwinMommy in NJ

Kelly Yates-Rice said...

Hi Ettina!

Welcome to my blog and thank you so much for sharing your thoughts. I saw your blog link and I will visit and check it out.

Please come back and visit again.

Kelly Yates-Rice said...

Hi TwinMommy,

Thanks for visiting and for your comments.

I am in West Orange.

Blogging has been very therapeutic for me. I have also "met" and have on-line relationships with other parents and others who love a child or adult with autism. So I say, go for it, start that blog. With twins I know you have a lot to say.

Feel free to send me an e-mail, let me know where you are in Jersey.