Thursday, March 6, 2008

Old MacDonald Has A Duck

My son and I have a bath time routine. After washing I let him luxuriate in the warm soapy water and I talk and sing to him.

One of the songs I sing is Old MacDonald.

Old MacDonald provides an opportunity to teach the names of animals and the sounds that they make. Teaching and fun for all.

In David's version of Old MacDonald there is just one animal.

The Duck.

I recently changed the song to encourage him to make sounds and participate with eye contact. I ask him what kind of animals Old MacDonald has.

Before four nights ago, I didn't get much in the way of participation. I got some giggles and some splashing. We have evolved.

Mommy: Old MacDonald has a farm E-I-E-I-O. And on that farm he has a....

David: Duck! ACK ACK ACK

Mommy: Duck! E-I-E-I-O

We continue the song. The only animal on that farm is the duck.

I asked David about the other animals.

What happened to the cows and the chicks, David?
He shakes his head no.

What happened to the dogs and cats?

Does Old MacDonald only have ducks?
David nods his head yes. Duck! ACK ACK ACK

David is a three year old who would be described as non-verbal. Because he can tell me that Old MacDonald has a duck and only ducks on his farm, I will no longer say that David is non-verbal. I will say that he is verbal when he has something to say. Something that he thinks the world should know. The world should know that Old MacDonald is a duck farmer.

I'm glad David cleared that up for us.


amy said...

Yeah David! That's great!!

Anonymous said...

Good for him! If he wants ducks on his farm, that is just fine. I think it is great that he is making animal sounds. My boys love to look at animal picture books, and repeat their sounds too.
That new PBS Sprout show "Bounce" is a great one for kids on the spectrum. Check out the PBS Sprout website, it is done by a music therapist, and created by the mom of a child with autism. My boys at 4 love it, so I bet david would also.

Twin Mom