Friday, April 11, 2008

I would like to order... Scarlet Fever with a side of stomach virus and an ear infection for desert. Oh, and can I get some amoxicillin to go? Thankey.

It's been a rough week. Really rough. There was no fever today. The weather here in New Jersey was gorgeous. Our first great day of the year.

David was well enough to take a walk to the park. The park was bustling with activity. Baseball players and soccer players. In my neighborhood, soccer is actually futbol. Small children on bikes and trikes, scooters and go-carts.

This time last year, that would have sent David scrambling to the fence that encloses the tiny tots play area. He would have walked the perimeter and held on to the fence with a Vulcan death grip.

That wasn't the case during our first trip to the park of the season. He knew what he wanted and nothing was going to stand in his way.

The Swings.

David walked over to his favorite swing with confidence. He motioned for me to pick him up and place him in the swing. He motioned for me to pick him up and place him in the swing.

I noticed, David. I praised you on how well you asked to get into the swing.

After the swinging, I asked David if he would like to try the slides. The tiny tots play area is under construction, so there is only one set of swings and one climbing toy that has three slides on it. I walked with David to the slides and I attempted to help him up the steps.

Silly me. I forgot that David needs to walk under playground equipment to check it out. It wasn't to his liking, so we passed.

There is a walking track at the bottom of the park. We walked two laps, then it was time to return home. I didn't want to overdo it, being that this was a week straight out of hell in the childhood illness department.

For parents of neurotypical children, a trip to the playground is just that. A trip to the playground. No thought goes into it. You just go. You just play. You just be.
My trips to the playground involve thought and prayer. Our first trip to the playground this season allowed us to just go, just play, just be.

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amy said...

Wow - I can relate in the sickness department. Not fun at all! I'm glad David enjoyed the playground (swings) and yeah for his communication on getting on! Lots of prayers that the kiddos get better soon.

Best wishes (and what is up with this weather?),