Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Baby Jamz and Love

Matthew Knowles, Beyonce's Dad, has a hip-hop inspired musical toy line for tots.

My grand daughter arrived this morning and her Mom, my daughter, was carrying this musical chair. It's cute and colorful. It has large buttons and plays music. Sort of like Old MacDonald, the re-mix.

Layla, my grand daughter just loves her chair and she wanted to share it with David. Old MacDonald is his jam!

There is just one itsy-bitsy little problem. We know in David's version of Old MacDonald, the farm contains one animal and one animal only.

The Duck.

The Baby Jamz version has two animals. The Cow and The DAWG.

That's right, The DAWG.

David kept slapping the Old MacDonald button and demanding the that chair acknowledge The Duck. The chair just didn't get it.

So of course I had to remove the chair, which caused David and Layla to cry for a minute. Elmo easily replaced the chair, which is good because David is home sick today- YES, AGAIN! and he is cranky.

Layla loves David and David loves Layla. Layla is 11 months old. David is three.
They have many things in common.

The love of Elmo.
The need to put EVERYTHING into their mouths.
The need for me to explain EVERYTHING
The need for me, the Mom and Ghe-Ghe respectively, to sing and dance like a lunatic.

Layla gets upset when David doesn't say hi to her. She is able to say hi to him. So I tell her that he doesn't speak, but he loves her just the same.

I know that he does love her. How do I know?

He makes sure she gets enough Cheerios and the clincher....

He shares his Blankie with her!

Blankie was a crocheted square. Now only the outside edges remain. David will let Layla have a corner. That is huge because he shares Blankie with No One.

Now, that's love.

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amy said...

That is so cute! The boys are like that sometimes - oye I can tell you stories! ha,ha

I hope you guys had a great memorial weekend (the kiddos go back to school tomorrow - yah!).

Best wishes,