Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hazy, Hot, and Humiliated

On Sunday I had to go to the grocery store. I had to take Layla, my eleven month old grand daughter, and David with me. I knew the trip would be an adventure, but I had no idea!

I put Layla in the front of the cart,facing me and strapped in. That is David's usual spot so I knew he would be annoyed and he was. I tried to put him in the cargo part of the cart and he protested so I asked him if he wanted to help me push the cart.

He was ok with that until we got to the store entrance.Then I put him in the cart because he was slowing traffic.

He didn't want to stay in the cart. He kept standing up.Then- the kid who walks badly- managed to jump out of the cart with the grace of a gymnast. His dismount was perfect. He landed on both feet.

Then he decided to become a sprinter. I have never seen him run so well. He ran from the produce section to the meats. I asked him to stop, I begged him to stop. I demanded that he to stop!

Half way down the meat department I finally caught him. He fought to get down because he wanted to run some more. I tried to put him back in the cart until I could move to an aisle to switch him and Layla. The main aisle where the meats were was full of people. This grocery store is always crowded.

David wasn't having it. He was angry that I made him stop. He turned,put his hands in my pockets and pulled my pants down!

The waistband of my pants came down to just above my knee, so there I was, with my pink Fruits of the Looms totally exposed to the meat department!

I wanted to kill him! I managed to get my pants up, slink away and switched the cart seating arrangements and walked as far away from the meat department as I could.

Ya know how you go to a local grocery store and you usually run into someone you know? Of course I had to run into someone. The secretary at David's school! I don't know if she saw my panties or not.


Maddy said...

Glad you've gone on full disclosure on this one.

Anonymous said...

Wow - that sucks! But I have to say that I've had days like that with both boys - running in opposite directions!

Best wishes,


jyll said...

Hello. My son has autism as well. I blog about him and other things. He is one of 9 kids in our home. Read my blog at I would love to read more of yours!

Karen said...

Hi Kelly,

I have a six year old son with Autism. My days are as adventurous as yours! I can certainly relate. I am trying to blog as well and our life. Glad to know your out there!!