Friday, October 24, 2008

The Passage of Time

I've been blogging for close to one year now. Where has the time gone? It seems like my first post was only yesterday.

With the passage of time comes change.

David has changed quite a bit during the last year.

He no longer eats Oat-Meat. Meals are now contained in a sammich. Not a sandwich, but a sammich. There is a difference. A sandwich can be big and robust. A sandwich can have the items contained between the slices of bread hang out a little bit. If some turkey or cheese is hanging out of the sides, that's cool. With a sammich, Momma- that would be me- tucks meats and veggies between the slices of bread, making sure that the only item visible to David's now oh so detail oriented gaze, is the cheese. Sammiches are fine. A lovely roasted chicken and veggie dinner can be made into a sammich with cheese. However, if an errant green bean should be seen then I get the look...

David didn't have facial expressions until recently. He would laugh and cry of course, but emotional expression of the face just wasn't happening. Now he has what I call the "Oh hell no" gaze. That's what I get if he should see a green bean, or anything green hanging out of his sammich. His face very clearly says, " Oh hell no I'm not putting that into my mouth!"

It's a lovely thing, those facial expressions.

David no longer cries and screams in the grocery store. Now, David thinks the grocery store is his own personal Carnegie Hall.

"Ladies and Gentleman, it is Shop-Rite's honor to introduce to you the one, the only David"

The grocery store causes David to sing. Sing and sing loudly. I'll take that over crying and screaming any day of the week.

David doesn't use words when he sings. He still uses Uhh and Ahhs and gurgles. The grocery stores have some pretty decent Muzak so I sing along too. Since I hate grocery shopping, singing is a good way to pass the time and lessen the shock at checkout.

Old MacDonald now has more animals on his farm. In addition to the duck, he now has a dog and a chick.

My house looks like Fort Knox. Baby gate city. David now knows how to unlock the baby gates and the front door. Our security level is now at Red. There will be more security items in place by the end of the day tomorrow.

David does some talking. I know that his favorite number is 13 and his favorite color is green. When I tell him to stop doing something, he has said, "make me".

Now, if his older sister had said "make me" when she was his age, I would have been all over that like thieves on Wall Street. I just turned around, happily and silently celebrating the fact that he said,"make me" and he said it appropriately.

Then I was all over that like thieves on Wall Street.

Discipline is one of my greater challenges. When David does do something that he shouldn't I celebrate that he is doing the something. Two years ago he was the kid who sat all day spinning things that spin, open and closed things that open and closed and that's all he did. THAT'S ALL HE DID. So first I celebrate, then I have to decide in a split second whether or not the something that he did earned a time out, or if I should ignore the behavior. In a split second.

Some days I feel like Robo-Mom. What mom doesn't, right?

I was working outside of the home, but now I'm not. I'm back in the looking for a job category. Looking for a job in a really bad economy. That sucks.

School is going really well for David. The staff at his school know and get David. If something in his IEP isn't working, it is changed quickly and with David's best interest directing the change. The yearly IEP review is coming up in a few weeks. It's been a year already. Time is marching on!

Autism has been mentioned by both of our Presidential Candidates. That didn't happen four years ago. There are documentaries that air all during the year and not just in April. Good Morning America had a segment just the other day with Dr. Tim Johnson about Myths in Autism. Education and Outreach are working. There is still more to do.

With the economic welfare package, I mean stimulus package to businesses, you know cuts are coming to Health and Human Services and Education. Please know your elected officials and let them know NOW that cuts to special services to our kids are not acceptable and will not be tolerated.


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