Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Yet Again!

The Holidays Season is here once again.

A lot has happened since last Thanksgiving.

Gas prices went to European high levels
Bank Failures
Job Losses
President-Elect Barack Obama
David Noticed Santa's Village and Santa Claus

Yes, he did. David noticed the faux trees and the elfen magic of Santa's Village.

He had that wide-eyed, open-mouth with gasp of amazement.I wanted to let him sit on Santa's lap, but thought better of it. I knew Santa would be minus one beard and one hat. I wouldn't want to put David on the naughty list.

I'm thankful for all the changes and progress that David has made during the last year.

Ok, that's not exactly true. I could really do without him noticing certain things. Like, how my roman shades are connected with Velcro to the installation bar with the really neat sound that Velcro makes when it's pulled and how the roman shade makes a very cool cape. Yeah, that one I can do without.

I don't like having to keep a tool handy to put on my bras.
Get your minds out of the gutter. It's not like I need a fork lift or anything.

David likes to smash the closures of my bras with his teeth. When I go to put one on, the hooks are smashed and I can't open them with my hands, thus the need for a tool. A tortoise shell manicure tool works nicely.

There's a great hiding place somewhere in my house. It's so great, I don't know where it is. It's the hiding spot of the missing socks. I estimate there are 10 pairs missing. My house is small, David has access to a limited part of it. He has found one really great hiding place. Maybe one day, he'll tell me where it is.

I had to take David to have some x-rays taken yesterday. When the in-take clerk pulled up David's records, she found that David did not have a visit to that hospital in more than a year. Whoo Whoo! One year without an ER visit for our very busy boy- Yes, I am knocking wood right now.

I'm thankful for David's teachers and therapists. Past and present. Without their dedication, determination, and drive, I don't know where we would be today.

I'm thankful for the other families out there in Autism Land. The ones who take the time to let the rest of us into their world with unabashed selflessness. Thank you so much.

I'm thankful for the media. For reporting on Autism issues with facts and making Autism a human issue.

I'm thankful for my family. For supporting me and my family all the time.

I'm thankful for David. Without him, I would not be complete.

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