Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I Need a Security Director

My house looks like a prison. There are baby gates and security systems everywhere.

My security measures can no longer hold David.

Visitors to our home can not open the baby gates. David can.
He can also open windows and peel back the weather stripping and chew on it. The windows all have the usual sliding locks as well as the tether locks located in the frame. David uses his thumbnails to unlock the tethers.

This is a kid who can't hold an eating utensil during a meal, but we are hard pressed to find a lock that he can't manipulate.

My husband has these fancy smancy and very expensive stereo speakers that David was using as surfboards to surf the swells of the living room ocean. My husband has bolted the speakers into the walls using anchor clips. Each day, David spends a little time investigating these anchors. I know it's just a matter of time before he discovers how to unlock them. It's kinda cute to watch him. He looks at the anchors from every angle that he can. He runs his fingers over them. He experiments with the distribution of weight and how it affects the placement of the speaker and the tension on the anchor.

And this is a kid who can't hold an eating utensil during a meal.

When David and I are out in public, I typically have him in his stroller. He's almost 4, too old by the standards of most parents, but hey, it's a security measure. Lately, David has been placing his feet on the wheels of the stroller, making it very difficult to push. It's difficult enough to push a 55 pound kid in a stroller anyway, so I scold him and remind him where his feet should go. I finally noticed that he is putting his feet on the wheels because his legs no longer fit on the footrest with the gate down.

I apologized to David for scolding him.I'm sure he's uncomfortable with his feet on the foot rest. So, I am now in need of a new security vehicle. An all terrain, can hold a big kid type security vehicle.

My Mother In Law gave me a leash for David. It's one of those padded deals where one end goes around the wrist of the child and the other around the wrist of the parent or caregiver. His end wrapped and went through a loop. I thought, Hooray, no more stroller. This will work and will also allow David to have more independence. David checked out his wrist, unwrapped the loop and handed me his end before we even made it out of the front door. He then had the nerve to give me his " I don't think so" face.

It's getting more difficult to control David in public places. The stroller works great, well once I get another one for his size. But the stroller doesn't allow for independence or for the development of social and behavioral skills. One one hand, that is not a good thing. On the other hand, David is big enough and strong enough to knock me down and he has. I can still take him in the 50 yard dash, but a lot of damage cam be done in that 50 yards.

This is just another thing. I get the stares and the side of the mouth comments about having such a big boy in a stroller. I get the stink eye from the proprietor of our little corner store when I take David there sans stroller. I don't care a hoot about that at all. What I care about is keeping David as safe as possible while allowing him to develop independence and social skills. He's almost 4, not a baby anymore-sniffle-.

Maybe I can put him in a bubble.

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Osh said...

4 was such a hard age...Evan ran away, escaped, unlocked, climbed out of everything during this time. His favorite time to do this was around 3am, when I was sleeping. My dad installed deadbolts backwards and I slept with the key around my wrist. That thwarted him.

Good luck!