Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Knock Knock

Who's there?
The Terrible
The Terrible Whos?
Not The Terrible Whos..THE TERRIBLE TWOS!!

The Terrible Twos have arrived at my house in full effect.

David is almost four, but developmentally he is almost two. Thus the terrible twos have arrived right on time and in full force.

Whoa. It's been twenty years since I lived with a terrible two. David's sister, Kayla had her terrible two period. The difference being that I could reason with Kayla. Well, as much as one can reason with a two year old.

David's terrible two is, well let me just say more of a challenge.

I've got news for you son. I'm bigger, stronger and faster. I am super stealth ninja Mom!

Oh who am I kidding? That boy wore be out tonight!

He had an ABA session with his teacher after school. He was openly defiant. No, more like dementedly defiant.

He spit his juice at his teacher, pulled her hair, clawed at her face and tried to bite her. All while making great and sustained eye contact.

Defiance. My son is now known as David the Defiant.

I wonder if that will replace his other nicknames:

Dr. David Destructo
Harry Houdini
The Flying and Falling Wallenda

It's a phase. I know this too shall pass. Can it pass by Sunday?

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