Tuesday, December 9, 2008


So, we've had to upgrade our security measures for David.

We have baby gates to keep David safe. David can open all the baby gates. He likes to go into the kitchen and get into the fridge. He has to check out how the magnets in the door keep the door closed. He wonders if the light stays on once the door is closed. He likes to open and close all the doors and drawers in the fridge-Open, close, open, close. He likes to open and close all the drawers. The knives have been removed long ago. He likes to open the microwave door. Open. Close. He likes to lock the oven and turn the oven on.

Keeping David out of the kitchen is a code red priority.

Apparently, the baby gates that we have are the ultimate in baby gates.

My husband purchased hook and eye locks to add to the baby gates. The hook and eyes have a sliding sleeve that provide extra security.

Yeah, right!

Last night, I heard the baby gate open after I locked it and put the hook and eye in place. I thought I didn't set the hook and eye properly, so I put David back into the safe area and I re-locked the gate. A few minutes later, I heard the gate open again. Again, I thought I didn't lock it properly. I re-locked it again, put David back into the safe area and I walked around and climbed over gate from the kitchen to the dining room and just watched David at the gate. I did place the hook and eye properly. David understands how the sleeve works and off it came.

Me: "David, you know how to do that?"
David: "Sucker"

Mmm. ok, my son called me a sucker.

How do I keep this kid contained to a totally child-proofed area of my house?!
If anyone has any suggestions, I'd be glad to hear them.

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Let's talk, we've become somewhat security experts especially since our run in with Child Protective Services back in 2006.

Email us with your phone # to: autism_bites@yahoo.com