Saturday, January 3, 2009

David Is Four! Can You Dig It?

My baby boy turned four today!

He had an awesome day.

He was so David. He loved the attention. The gifts, the food,( He ate a chicken soup sandwich and some of Momma's "If you don't know you better ask somebody chili") and the Happy Birthday Song that was sung many times because he just loved it so much.

Can you dig it?

Yes, I can!

He was so aware of the celebration today. A year ago not so much. He was aware of the Elmo Happy Birthday banner hung in his honor. He was aware of the family that gathered to celebrate his special day. He accepted hugs and kisses, even from his niece. He attempted to blow out his birthday candle and he tried to show us that he is four with his fingers. He couldn't quite figure out how to show only four fingers, but he tried and that was so special.

Happy Birthday, David.
Can you dig it?
Yes, you can!

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