Thursday, January 1, 2009


Happy New Year Everyone!

The holiday season is over. Our Christmas tree has been put away. I'm waiting for Monday so my Davids can return to school and I can have my house back!

This past holiday season has memories both good and bad as all holiday seasons do for me.

I did not celebrate Christmas with my Davids. After some thought, we decided that I would join the family for dinner and the Davids would stay home. It was the right decision.

Dinner was held at the home of my husband's sister and her husband, you remember them, M Squared.

Maria had her home decorated so nicely. There was a nativity scene on her coffee table. That nativity scene would have been no more once David got his hands on it.

The holidays can be difficult. We now have to decide if we are going to family functions as a family, if we are going to family functions as part of a family or if we are declining family celebrations all together.

David doesn't yet have the skills to know what he should touch and what he shouldn't. He can not sit quietly and play with toys or another child. He has no interest in another child. When we are in a home that is not his, he is in constant movement mode. He will want to climb stairs, open and close doors, push the TV off of whatever it is perched on. Walk in a pattern all over the house while dragging me or his father by the hand.

These behaviors do not make us the most desired guests.

No one complains of course, they're family. It's just not much fun for either my husband or myself to spend hours being dragged by the hand or making sure David doesn't hurt himself or damage anything.

I knew that nativity scene would have been toast in thrity seconds. The neatly wrapped presents would have lasted another ninety seconds- tops!

It's hard to have to make choices about what we can do together. We have not been to a movie, or a play, or a children's story hour. We're not there yet. Maybe one day we will be, but not yet. Maybe the new year will bring more skills to David, more tolerance of places that he doesn't control and more stamina for us to be able to keep up with him for longer periods of time. Right now,our maximum is two hours, one hour for each of us.

We can only hope.

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Hummingbirder said...

I'm the same way, dreading to take him anywhere knowing what he will do. I don't take him to church and everyone is trying to give me a hard time about this but he would last maybe 30 seconds and then I'm outside for the rest of it.