Tuesday, February 10, 2009

David and the GFCF Diet

This is my first report for our year of biomedical support for David's autism.

We are on Day 3 of the GFCF diet.

We tried this last year and it was a complete failure. Last year, David was still eating baby foods and baby cereals as his primary food sources. Since he has been eating and trying new foods often and is being helped using a fork at home and at school, his Dad and I thought that now is the time to start again.

On Saturday, my husband made a pot of GFCF soup. Okay,it was a stoup. Okay, it was a creation that was inspired by my husband's friend Brian.

It was one hearty soup. FULL of dried beans. You will understand why I mentioned this in a moment.

This GFCF soup was pretty tasty and FULL of dried beans. David really enjoyed it and he ate several helpings over the course of the weekend.

This time around with the diet, I decided not to use the GF breads. Let's face it, that stuff is not bread, It's disgusting to true breadophiles like me and David. Bread/sandwiches and cheese have been eliminated and won't be replaced. David is now eating cooked red meat and chicken. He loves my tuna cakes. He eats rice, beans, and veggies with some coaxing. Daddy makes David smoothies with lots of fruit and David eats bananas and apples. David doesn't like pasta, so no problem there. He will eat eggs if something else in included. He does enjoy is Daddy's egg salad.

I feel much more confident this time. David has been eating the meals I prepare. Last night's dinner was tuna cakes. I normally make them with bread crumbs. I couldn't use bread crumbs and I didn't have gluten free bread crumbs, which is really an oxymoron if you think about it. I did have gluten free pretzels. I smashed them up and used them instead of bread crumbs. Let me tell you, those pretzel crumbs created a wonderful golden brown color and crunch-two things that David looks for in a crunchy food. They were a big hit.

Ok, so we're on day three and they have been no problems and David hasn't been jonesing for a grilled cheese sandwich. Ok, so far, so good.

My Obervations

David has been having three or more bowel movements a day since Sunday. Could that be because of the beany soup? Or is his body excreting something that doesn't agree with his body? Because of the bean factor,there is no clear answer.

During David's bath time last night, he noticed the hose for the shower head. He's been taking a bath in that tub every night for the last 21 months and he has never noticed that hose before. Coincidence or diet?

On Monday at school, David's teacher reported that he was saying "key key" with a purpose. He doesn't say much with a purpose. We don't know what key key is.

David has another layer of sounds. There are about 5 new ones that he hasn't used before and has been using consistently for the last two days.

David has followed two direct requests from me. That is a rarity.

Those are my observations after, what now, is the beginning of day 4 of the GFCF diet.


Amy said...

That is awesome! I've been thinking about going back on the diet, but we have been doing the organic/natural thing for a while now and its been good for us. I'm so happy that it's working for David. And I hear you on the bread - I even tried to put bannanas in it and my kids were not having it! lol


Kelly Yates-Rice said...

GF bread is just plain nasty!