Thursday, February 5, 2009

I Feel Like Baking A Cake

I feel like baking a cake to celebrate David's special day!

David has been making more sounds recently. Sounds that sounds more like pre-speech. One of his phrases is "nica nica" He says it all the time. I say it with him.

I now know that nica nica has a meaning.

This morning David removed his Pjs and diaper all by himself and stood in the middle of the room and announced-

Nica Nica Yay! (Naked, Naked, Yay)

Yes, being naked is great. But naked boys can't ride the school bus. So I made him get dressed after we did the nica nica dance of course.

David's teacher just called. I thought he was ill or something.

David's teacher wanted to call to tell me that David participated in circle time independently for the first time EVER! He imitated, he danced, and he sang. After circle time, during his ABA session, he was given the choice of four Starburst candies. He chose one. His teacher took a small corner from the wrapper, gave the candy to David who was able to open the candy all by himself and he placed it in his mouth! Normally, David would take all of the candies and try to eat them through the wrapper.

Awesome, right?!

Small victories mean so much.


Amy said...

That's so wonderful! Yeah David! Tell mommy to bake you that cake and send me a piece! :)

I'm so happy to hear that David is doing so well.

Best wishes,


Amy said...
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