Wednesday, February 11, 2009

We Were Played Like a Violin

Sometimes that's ok.

David's teacher comes to our home after school to provide supplemental behavioral therapy.

David was sleeping when the bus brought him home. I let him sleep. When his teacher arrived she told me that he looked a bit green this morning and was coughing a lot. I knew he wasn't feeling well, he has the sniffles, what else is new.

After a while, David did wake up. What he did next was highly unusual.

He played with us. PLAYED! WITH! US!

He had me and his teacher clap our hands together. He said yes-twice. He wrestled his teacher to the floor and HELPED HER UP! He had amazing eye contact throughout our abbreviated session.

His teacher was impressed. I was impressed. David was in charge today.

David's Dad came home and we shared what happened in the session with him.

Then we realized that we had been played.

That's ok. This time!

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Amy said...

That is so great! Yeah David!