Thursday, February 12, 2009

Who Are You And What Have You Done With My Son?

David has the oh so common sleep pattern disturbances that are so common in people on the spectrum. David will typically have two or three days per week when he doesn't sleep through the night. Once he is awake, he will stay awake for hours.

When I met my husband in the kitchen this morning, he mumbled something about having three hours of sleep.

I went to wake David. He was wearing only a diaper. Yes, he now wants to be naked during his sleep hours too. I told him it was time to get up, the bus was coming. He didn't move. I shook him and sang to him and I asked him if he was going to school today.

He looked at me, pulled one of the body pillows over his head and said, "NO!"

I told him it was time to get up. I even turned Elmo on. I knew it was a done deal. He wasn't going anywhere. He must have been up most of the night because he didn't wake up until 10.

I needed to keep him in the master bedroom because the downstairs part of the house is cold and David won't keep his clothes on. What that means is I make sure the room is David proofed. I give him some toys to play with, Elmo on the big screen. I put a key in the door lock on the hallway side and secure that with a clamp so he doesn't OPEN/CLOSE OPEN/CLOSE the door all day or go into the bathroom and play in the toilet or go up and down the stairs.

Ladies and gentlemen! I am proud to announce that NONE of that was necessary today.

David and I shared breakfast. A GFCF breakfast at that. I gave him a bucket of toys and I couldn't find the clamp for the key or the key! I went into the office to get my lap top to prepare to spend a day in the corner on the floor watching Elmo.

No siree Bob! David stayed in the room with the door open. He only came out when he needed me for something or wanted me to play with him ( YES! I SAID PLAY WITH HIM!) or he wanted me to do the dance that was being shown on Elmo. He didn't bang on the mini-blinds. He didn't attempt to climb the dresser. He didn't attempt to climb into the new smaller dresser that sits by the bed. He stayed in the room when I needed to go downstairs. He did follow me down once. When I told him we had to go back upstairs because he wants to be naked he OBEYED!

He played with his toys. He played with me. He watched Elmo. He laughed, he sang. He didn't act- I'm sorry son- CRAZY!

I can't believe it. I kept feeling the boys' forehead to see if he had a fever. He was coughing a lot yesterday, but he hasn't coughed at all today and his nose isn't runny. He ate a lovely GFCF lunch. Tuna with rice crackers dipped into it.

It was a great day.

Could the GFCF diet have something to do with this very sudden and very welcomed change of behavior? It hasn't been a full week. Before we went GFCF we did practically eliminate Lactaid milk because of cold season. We also seriously cut down on foods with too many ingredients (food additives and preservatives)

I really don't know. Today could have been a total fluke.


Amy said...

Happy Valentine's Day! I'm so glad that David is doing so well on the diet!

Amy said...
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Hummingbirder said...

I hope it sticks! I need to start the GFCF diet too but with all the other people in the house, it's near impossible to keep it all away from him.
Let us know how he continues to do!

farmwifetwo said...

Give it a week... put a TINY bit of butter on something.. TINY!!! Half a teaspoon.

And be prepared for a 24hr nightmare.

If you get no such reaction - ie level 10+++++ meltdown complete with screaming, headslamming etc - I'd say it was a lucky day... if you get a miserable 24hrs... the diet's working perfectly.

Been there, done that... only helped one kid not both... was only casien and you can tell within 48hrs if it's helping. Got rid of the nightmares/terrors/diahhrea... just that fast.