Sunday, February 22, 2009


As part of our biomedical support for David's autism, we had him seen by a gastroenterologist.

The test results are back.

David has an overgrowth of yeast in his intestines. We were given a prescription for a ten day course of Nystatin.

Well, what does that mean exactly? I understand having too much yeast, I get that. But what does that mean for kids like David?

We haven't started the Nystatin yet. We wanted to give him a bit more time on the GFCF diet and frankly, I wasn't in any hurry to collect another stool sample, thank you very much. I will call the school nurse tomorrow to let her know she will have to give him a dose during school hours and ask her the best way to handle that.

Could the overgrowth of yeast explain David's weird behaviors? Like laughing hysterically for no reason? And being hyper as hell sometimes. The neurologist that saw David on January 13th of this year did diagnose him with ADHD and have us the Daytrana patch. We decided to try the GFCF diet and behavior modification techniques before slapping the patch on his booty. Could it also explain why on very humid days, David has trouble staying on his feet, which we thought was due to his hypotonia.

Frustration! Seriously!

I will let you know what happens during and after the course of Nystatin. If anyone has any experience in this area, please reach out. I am clueless and not too proud to admit it. I have no experience with this at all and any guidance would be greatly appreciated.


Amy said...

Sending you and David lots of hugs. Please keep us posted.

Best wishes,


Kelly Yates-Rice said...

Thanks! How are you doing- You can answer that on Facebook :-)

Kamilla Bell said...

I blundered on to your blog. I think it was for a reason. My daughter is on day 22 or Nystatin. The results have been AMAZING. This is her not being on the GF/CF diet which I know would probably contribute even more. (long story) But, lets just say that the stimming has gone completely down and the spontanious speech has blown me away. She doesn't like the taste but I've been committed to doing it. I can tell that she feels better already. I highly reccomend it. My daughter is on a 30 day dose though. She also had the weird giggling and hyperactivity too. Completely gone at this point. Good Luck!

Kelly Yates-Rice said...

Hi Kamilla,

Thanks so much for your input. I really appreciate it.

We're doing ten days of Nystatin, then more stool samples-fun right? If the yeast level is normal no more Nystatin, but it will be continued if needed.

I'm so glad to hear that your little one is showing improvement. That's so great. I saw that you have blogs too. I made a quick visit. You have a beautiful family.