Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another Sick Day

It'a amazing to me how such a little guy can become so ill so quickly.

David was fine yesterday morning. He went to school happily. I retrieved his sleeping body from the bus at the ususal time. He didn't feel warm. My husband arrived home just as David's bus arrived. I thought that would be a good time for me to go to the grocery store.

When I arrived home at 5:30 my husband greeted me at the door with,"Where's the thermometer?" David's teacher was holding a very sick looking and shivering David.

His tempurature was 104. Geez! Momma sprung into action. A dose of Motrin. Some water in a sippy cup, call to the pediatrician, and I invited David's teacher to wash her hands and spray herself with Lysol if she felt the need.

A trip to the pediatrician was negative for ear infection and rapid-strep. So, we're calling this a virus.

During the doc's exam. David stuck out his tongue! Whippee! Why is that significant? It is significant because David is four and he has NEVER stuck out his tongue. We thought he was tongue-tied for a minute, but he isn't. We thought he lacked oral-motor strength and was unable to stick out his tongue. We have been working with David to try to get him to stick out his tongue for months.

All it took was a 104 degree tempurature and a teeny tiny light.

This morning, David woke with a fever of 105. Dayum, right? Another dose of Motrin, more fluid, a cool cloth to the head and prayers to the fever gods that the Motrin would kick in quickly and there would be no seizure. The Motrin worked. Phew!

He's watching Elmo and he wants to be rocked while I wrap him in a clean towel.My back needed a break but I think it's time for more rocking. Maybe I can get David to eat a little something.

Spring is coming soon, right?

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