Saturday, March 14, 2009


My grand daughter, Layla spent the night last night and she may be here all weekend.

She will be two in June. She is a great talker/communicator. She has the same wacky sense of humor that many of the family members, including David, have. She's cute and sweet and she loves her Ghe Ghe (That's Me!)She loves her Uncle David and her Poppa

Having Layla visit also makes it painfully obvious just how affected David is by Autism.


We're thrilled that Layla is neurotypical of course. It's just difficult having a neurotypical child, who is half David's age, doing all of things things he could have been doing, should do, and may never do.

David and Layla are playing together right now. Watching Elmo, saying their ABCs and 123s. Layla is using words. David is using approximations and grunts. They both like the Dogs with Human Hands, which frankly, creeps me out. They both like to dance at the dance bits and they like any bit with animals, even without human hands.

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