Monday, March 9, 2009

Sensory Issues

I'll admit it. This is the part of David that I just don't understand. I don't know how to help him through it.

For the past week, David has been seeking sensory input big time. Our sofa is a queen-sized sleeper. On Saturday, David removed the center cushion and then shoved his left leg in the teeny tiny space between the mattress frame and the sofa frame. His leg was really wedged in there very tightly. He didn't seem distressed or in pain. In fact, he kept trying to get his leg to go deeper. I asked him if he needed help-help removing his leg that is. He refused my offer with a wave of his hand. I told him we had to remove his leg, he could hurt himself. I tried to take his leg out and I was concerned that I would injure him. I told David that I would be right back, I was going to get the margarine ( I keep a family sized tub of Country Crock. It has a delicious country fresh taste and it works really well if your kid every gets a body part stuck in a place it doesn't belong.It keeps the fire department away too). When I said that, David flexed his hip and put my hand on his leg. I was able to remove his leg without smearing my sofa with Country Crock.

I don't know why the sensory seeking comes and goes. I don't know what causes it. Lately David has been biting himself and others. He will bite others if you are holding him to make him do something and he doesn't want to do that. At home, the second biting incident gets a time out. The first one is free. I can't say to David, "Use your words" because he doesn't have any. However, I can say, "David, use your NO" His no is pushing your hand away or using a deep grunt. He gets it. He usually remembers to use his no.

We had a great weekend. My daughter and grand daughter spent the night on Saturday. The daughter and grand daughter were fast asleep by 8:30 and I didn't hear a peep out of them until morning. David on the other hand didn't go to sleep until 1am. He had a late nap and that just messed him up.

My grand daughter was left with me on Sunday so my daughter could do some work at her apartment. My sister and niece came over for a visit. My niece wanted some pictures of my grand daughter to show her husband. My niece got her camera ready and my grand daughter( Layla, the Ham) was saying "Cheese" and posing with me. David noticed and he wanted his picture taken too. We all told David to say "cheese"

David said "Cheese" and he posed with the cheesiest grin ever! We were so happy.
David had good eye contact and appropriate play all weekend. He even shared!

David is an Elmo fan. Layla likes Sponge Bob. There was a bit of an issue over what to watch. So I told the children that we had to share. David would get to watch one Elmo and Layla would get to watch two Sponge Bobs. If they wouldn't share the TV, there would be no TV. I told them to think about it while I got them some juice. They liked my idea because there were no other issues with the TV.

My grand daughter's father came to pick her up. He said Hi to David while I was getting Layla ready to leave. David wrestled with T, my other son. They were doing typical guy things. Wrestling, tickling, rolling around my toy filled living room. It was great to see. David loves T and he likes to show him how much with a well-placed Suplex!

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