Friday, May 22, 2009

I'm Trying To Choose My Battles

I'm losing miserably.

David has been really defiant lately. Everything is a struggle. He resists diaper changes and being directed from being somewhere or doing something that he isn't supposed to be doing.

It's tough. Being consistent is wearing me out.

He's also mouthing again. EVERYTHING goes into his mouth. Today's casualties are the plastic coating that secures the cord of an electric fan and an alarm clock. He chewed the alarm clock before throwing it down the stairs. I knew when I heard it crash to the floor that it was a goner. His teachers are having issues with the mouthing too. David is eating books and whatever else he can get into his mouth. He was given a chewy-tube to use for appropriate chewing. David started using the tube as a rescue device. If he didn't want to work on his programs or be directed during his other therapies, he will break out Mr. Chewy, which is attached to his jeans, and play and chew it instead of working.

We're looking into another way to deal with the chewing.

We have an IEP meeting on Wednesday. One of the issues that I have is that David still doesn't speak or imitate sound on command. He does however imitate phrases in music all the time. The selection of the week has been Miss. Celie's Blues from The Color Purple. We were watching it as David drifted off to sleep on Monday evening. David hums the melody of songs that he likes. Miss Celie's Blues and the final Jeopardy question theme song have been my treats this week. So, that had me thinking that maybe Music Therapy would help David and encourage speech.

If anyone has had experience with Music Therapy, please let me know.

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