Thursday, June 18, 2009

Today is Autistic Pride Day.

From Wikipedia:

So today we celebrate the neurodiversity of people on the spectrum.
We have a lot to celebrate because there is diversity galore!

As we know, no two people on the spectrum are affected in the same way. There isn't a treatment option that works for all people. There isn't a magic pill that provides the cure.

Celebrate? Do whatever makes you feel good.

I will celebrate David today. He really is a great guy, even though I vent about him.

I love that David wakes up most mornings singing. He doesn't use words, he scats. There was Louis Armstrong, Ella Fitzgerald, Anita O'Day and now David. He's bringing back an art form.

I love that he will do anything to get what he wants. My husband-AKA McGuyver- did tie the dining room chairs to the table. David decided to use his Fischer Price table that is used for his home ABA sessions. When I removed that, he used the small plastic chairs to try to climb into the kitchen. When I removed those, he use a ballet barre move. He was quite graceful.

I love how David has an elephant memory. He remembers minute details that most people don't notice in the first place.

I love his sense of humor. It's twisted like mine. If he's in a room where there are too many people talking, he will take the thumbs and index fingers of both hands and mimic a bird's beak. Then while twittering his fingers he'll say, "GA-GA-GAGAGAGAA." He's making fun of us. Adult conversation must sound silly to him.

I love that he likes to watch Cops with me. I used to watch it with his sister when she was young ( how long has Cops been on?) I like to make fun of the criminals. I'll yell things at the TV. When there is a foot pursuit, I'll say something like. " You might as well stop running, you're going to get caught" David will laugh and roll around on the floor. He especially likes when I say, " Can you say SKANK?"

I love that he protects me. When we are out walking, if there is something or someone that he feels may be a danger to me, he does this weird arm thing. He will take his free arm and hold it out in front us with the palm of his hand facing me. He will then flip his hand so the palm his facing away from us. He will hold his arm and hand very rigid and use his body as a shield between me and whatever the peril is. It's the cutest thing. My husband says he has never seen David do that. I say that's because you're a 6 foot 3 inch tree. I'm Mom, the delicate flower.

I love my scatting, climbing, security driven comedian. What's not to love?

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