Saturday, July 11, 2009

Big Bird and The Beatles

We had an awesome and tiring day. Well, at least I'm tired.

David went to his first ever non-family birthday party. It was held at an indoor soccer facility.

When we first arrived, there were red streamers hanging over the doors. That is until David got his hands on them. He pulled them down and played with them (Sorry again, Nicole and Chris) Our hosts didn't mind because they know David and Nicole knows what he likes.

We joined the other children on the soccer field. David let me know that artificial turf wasn't as tasty as the real thing and thankfully he only had a taste.

I was able, with much prompting, to get David to kick his soccer ball. But the main attraction for him was the heavy revolving door that lead from the indoor section to the soccer dome. It took much more prompting to keep him away from the door. So I decided for every ten kicks of the soccer ball, he could have door time.

We kicked and doored until the appearance of a very special guest.

David lost his mind. Big Bird is the bomb. David made great eye contact with Big Bird and David's smile just lit up that dome.

David had nice sitting during the eating portion of the party. David is gluten free, so no pizza for him, which wasn't a big deal because I pack appropriate foods for him and he didn't like pizza before eating a gluten free diet. He sat nicely and ate without cramming his meal into his mouth. He actually had nice party manners.

We stayed long enough to sing Happy Birthday to the birthday girl. David discovered the vending machines and when he tried to crawl into one, it was time to go.

The second part of our afternoon was spent at a music festival near my home. It's called Maplewoodstock. Two days of music, food, and fun.

David loved it. There was a band that played Beatles and Rolling Stones tunes. David touched the speakers, the very large outdoor concert speakers. I thought he was going to obsess over them because there were hundreds of people in the park. He didn't. He touched them and then sat down on the ground to listen to the music.

David listened intently. After a few bars, my boy was singing back-up. It was pretty cool.

Being with David is physically challenging for me. I get a good work-out. I don't mind at all when he enjoys himself and he did. So did I.

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Hummingbirder said...

Cool! Sounds like some successful outings.
Love your stories...that's for sharing!