Thursday, July 30, 2009

David Never Ceases To Amaze Me

There have been times when I've felt frustrated with David.

Mostly it's due to the fact that he's a wise guy. He knows all the tricks to avoid work and he uses them.

He is attending the extended summer session at his school. He gets home at 1 PM. He has a home ABA session from 1-2:30.

While his teacher is here, he's often so very very tired. I know it's rough,right? His school bus comes at 8:15 and except for his lunch break, his day is very structured from 9-2:30.

It sure is funny how energized he becomes as soon as the teacher leaves. Then, except for his dinner break, it's a non-stop party.

His classroom teacher has been reporting that David hasn't been happy about working lately. How it's very difficult to keep him motivated and focused.

I hear ya Miss Liz.

I often wonder how much David "gets". He's been ABAed, OTed, PTed and I feel he should be farther along than he is.

Whatever that means.

Tonight, I fed David his dinner. Yes, I said fed. I'm getting over a nasty summer cold and I just didn't have the energy to encourage his independence today. Anyway-after he was done with the meal, he made a mad dash to the entertainment center and he was furiously trying to climb it and get something that was sitting on top. He was pretty persistant. I asked him what he wanted. He took a pillow so he could scale to the top. He was after a little white binder. I thought the binder was empty because I never noticed it before. Inside the binder was a picture of his peg board that he uses during his ABA sessions. On another page, there was a written word.

That word was "finished"

I had to dry my eyes after that one.

Yes, he gets it. He just doesn't need me to know that all the time.

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Hummingbirder said...

That's cool. He sounds like a smart kid.