Monday, July 20, 2009

Sesame Place Was Da Bomb!

I think I had more fun than David did!

Yesterday, my husband and I took David to Sesame Place. David had a nice nap during the 1 1/2 drive there so he was well rested and ready for fun.

Fun was had too! I mean mad butter fun!

The first thing you notice when you enter Sesame Place is the Sesame Place sign which has Big Bird's face on it. David was looking at that sign in awe. He just wanted to stay under that sign. I told him that all the fun was inside because we were going to Sesame Street. Where Elmo lives, and Big Bird, and Ernie and Bert, and all the Sesame Street gang.

Sesame Place is really accommodating to those with disabilities. We were given an orange bracelet so we wouldn't have to wait in line for the rides and for special seating for the live show( which we missed on this visit because we were just too darned busy)I was very thankful for that bracelet because David is one who does not do lines well.

David and I went on an attraction called the Monster Maze. It's a pit where the floor is lined with sand and there is a maze of suspended lightweight punching bags.

At first David just ran through the maze, hitting the punching bags with his head. He would get knocked down and he would laugh. I would help him up and he would do it again. As the maze filled with more children, he noticed that the other kids were swinging the bags to knock others down. David tried it and knocked down three boys with one swing of the bag. David fell with them and the boys just laughed and laughed. I almost cried when one of the boys helped David up and knocked him down again with one of the bags. Those guys had so much fun. I just stayed out of the way because I wasn't going down!

The next attraction we did was Ernie's Bed Bounce. Adults weren't allowed on this attraction. So the attraction supervisor, Rob, took David out into the middle of the bounce.

David was jumping and doing front and back flips! I didn't even know he could do that. Rob is looking at me like- this kid doesn't need my help. But then David made his way to the corner, where the air mattress thing is attached to the wall. I grabbed him before he stuck his hand in the groove. I thanked Rob and we were off to do other things.

We entered Big Bird's Rambling River. Now, you're supposed to ride the river in inner tubes. Not David. He wanted to swim. He was given a life vest at the beginning of the ride. So we swam the Rambling River.

David went on a roller coaster with his Dad for the very first time and he LOVED it!

This was our first time taking David to an amusement park. We didn't know how he would respond to the crowds or the attractions. He did great. He really did. Everything was how it should be. He enjoyed everything. The parade with all the Sesame characters was amazing for him.

I'm so glad the visit went well. David sang and babbled all the way home. I think he was satisfied.