Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Bumper Stickers and Du Du Stew

On Sunday, David was crying and writhing in pain. Since he doesn't speak, he couldn't tell us where the pain was. He was in a lot of pain. My husband and I decided to take a trip to the ER to check for the more obvious and common reasons for pain in a four year old. On the way to the ER, the pain went away. We decided to go for a car ride just in case the pain came back.

The pain did come back, for a short period of time and there have been no further episodes. David saw his pediatrician the following day and everything is fine. So my theory is that a fruit smoothie and Daddy's Du Du Stew had something to do with it.

Du Du Stew is one of my husband's secret recipes. It contains beans, greens, garlic, onions and turkey meatballs. It's tasty, and oh so high in fiber! Yum Yum.

While we were riding around on Sunday, we passed a store where my husband purchased magnetic Autism Awareness ribbons for his car. Since I now have a car, my husband stopped so I could get a ribbon too.

When my husband returned to the car, he was angry. I've known this man for 32 years and I have seen him angry 3 times, Sunday included.

He told me he asked the clerk in the store for Autism Awareness Car Ribbons. She said she didn't have any of those in stock, but she had Down Syndrome Ribbons.

Long story short, my husband tried to explain to the clerk that Autism and Down Syndrome are not the same thing. The clerk thought since both "make kids really retarded", they were connected. My husband tried in vain to educate her. He declared her un-educatable. He's a teacher. He would know.

Normally, my husband is very patient and he does a very good job explaining to people what Autism is and isn't. I think he was offended that someone would think that his son is "retarded" That's such an ugly word anyway.

It wouldn't surprise me if my husband went back to that store and tried to talk to the clerk again.


furious said...

Maybe the clerk was retarded in his thinking since I've been told retarded means unable to progress. Our kids can often come a long way and they are smart cookies. Just because you cant talk doesnt mean you dont have a whole lot to say. some people just cant get it out. Someone should tell the manager how rude the clerk was and give the clerk some accurate literature. Maybe give the manager some literature to circulate. Those kind of people make me so mad!

Hummingbirder said...

Too bad she wasn't open to learning. There's so much info. out there now on autism, one would think that people would have a better understanding now. Maybe someone should mention this to the manager.