Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Whatever Works!

David was home today with The Fever Virus.

He's had it before. Sudden high fever of 104 or better with no known cause. So we were home today. Daddy will be home tomorrow.

David has this annoying habit of throwing things. While it's not annoying in a 6 month old infant, in a four year old, it's just plain wrong.

I fed David some breakfast and I needed a moment of privacy. David was in his room. My husband- McGuyver- removed David's bedroom door and replaced it with a homemade door that locks from the outside with a bolt and it about 5 1/2 feet high.

While I was partaking of my private time, I could hear thuds and crashes and thuds and crashes. I knew David was throwing his toys over the door and into the hallway.

I was not prepared to find EVERY SINGLE TOY, PLASTIC STORAGE DRAWER, and PLASTIC STORAGE BUCKETS in the hallway. The only things that remained in David's room were his bed, his dresser and the wooden frame that the storage buckets and drawers slide into.

The pile of toys was higher than the door. I couldn't get to the door. I had to clear a path. I cleared just enough room so I could get to the door and slide my body into the room.

I asked David if he did that. He just gave me his Mr. Innocent look. I took him by the hand and let him see the mess he made.

He looked and just said "Oh"

I made David clean up the mess. Every toy, every piece of David paraphernalia. He clean up.

He has these clear plastic blocks with the letters of the alphabet on them. The letter B has clear balloons in the box and so on. When David picked up a block with a letter on it. He identified the letter and then looked at me oh so sweetly, waiting for his praise.

The praise was short-lived, immediately followed by- Keep going- Pick that mess up NOW!

I'm so happy that David was able to read the cues that he messed up big! Yea David!

I'm glad that he read my social cues. My look of extreme dissatisfaction and disappointment.

Yea, again!

He didn't throw another toy at home for the rest of the day.

His visit to the pediatrician was another story. The receptionist was beaned in the head with a flying firetruck.

Sorry. Really.

When we arrived home from our doctor's visit. David didn't want to go to his room. He wanted to be in the living room, where is trampoline is.

Yes, we have a trampoline. His behaviorist thought having one would be a good idea. Using it would allow David to expend energy and allow him to jump on something appropriate.

She didn't mention that he had to wear clothes.

David did have a fever. So I allowed him to sit in his pull-up. He sat quietly and watched Elmo while I made a business call.

I'm holding in a queue, for what seems like a mandatory 45 minutes. While I'm holding I peek around the corner and see David, butt naked, jumping on the trampoline watching his wink wink and dook dooks just flopping in the breeze.

Is it appropriate to have a four year old naked jumping on a trampoline? Well, probably not, but it allowed me to check the status of a dozen open invoices for work. So it's all good.

I also took advantage of the naked time to potty train. I told David if he wants to be naked, he has to use the potty. He didn't' do anything in the potty, but he went to be pottied without a fight.

I'm all for whatever works.

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