Thursday, November 26, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

..Not for the squeamish or those with a full stomach.

We ALMOST made it out of the house to spend Thanksgiving together. Almost. It was so close.

I was downstairs packing David's bag of essentials and taking his toys to the car.

David was left unattended. He likes to be naked again.

He was naked and pooped. He was naked and pooped and both David and his Dad tracked the poop from David's bedroom to the bathroom. The upstairs hallway is carpeted. So...

I spend my Thanksgiving alone. Scrubbing poop off the carpet from the bedroom to the bathroom and scrubbing the bathroom since there was poop in the tub from washing the poop off David and my husband's shoes. Gotta do poop laundry to wash the poop off the blankets and the bathmat and a towel or two.

The thing is: David already pooped today! Thought we were safe from any poop accidents.

Do I sound a bit miffed? A wee bit. I'm not upset with David. When ya gotta go, ya gotta go.

I'm just wondering what my husband was doing while I was packing David's stuff and putting the toys in the trunk of the car?

Just saying.

I guess I was supposed to pack the stuff, get David dressed, and keep catastrophe and poop from striking.

My bad. I wasn't fast enough today. Shit happens, right?

Holidays are. well, I don't even have a word for what they are now.

We can't take David everywhere. Like last Christmas. I spent the day with my husband's family and The Davids spent the day at home. My sister in law hosted Christmas dinner and her Nativity Scene and her festive decorations wouldn't have stood a chance against David The Destroyer. When we do attempt a day as a family at a family function, one of us has to be by David's side at all times to be sure he doesn't destroy anything, put something into his mouth that he shouldn't, or try to climb into an oven (He has done that) It's not fun. Trying to get him to sit at a table for a meal is still a huge challenge. Trying to get him to sit period, is still a challenge.

He's probably fine now. He has a new set of building blocks. 150 pieces with a shape sorter as a lid to the canister that holds the blocks. He really likes shape sorters. I also packed the old time favorite Barrel of Monkeys. I'm sure someone is showing him how to make the monkey chain between bites of plastic monkey.

Gotta go. Poop laundry needs to go into the dryer.

Happy Thanksgiving!


furious said...

Im sorry your thanksgiving got ruined. I hope someone at least brought you home some turkey?

Anonymous said...

Hi Furious.

I did get some Turkey. I have a turkey in my fridge that will be ready to cook tomorrow. So we'll have a 2nd Thanksgiving!

furious said...

Thats good! Hopefully your 2nd thanksgiving is much better than the 1st. think of it this way, what could be worse than poop everywhere?

Samone said...

Ahhh the poop days. I thought I was alone in those struggles. Somedays we're good...others...well...

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