Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

It's another Christmas Day. Peace, love and good will towards all.

Last night, I had family over for Christmas Eve nibbles and togetherness.

During times like that. There is always the concern that David will be really inappropriate.

I am happy to say that David behaved VERY appropriately last night.

We ususally have an issue with the table cloth on my diningroon table. He usually snatches it to remove it like a bad magician on The Ed Sullivan Show.( Use Google youngsters.)

There was none of that last night. He didn't remove the table cloth. He did not overturn bowls of food. He sat appropriately, ate appropriately, made great eye contact with family, and he played with his Uncle Melvin and Cousin Keegan.

Today has been pretty awesome too. (I'm not even going to say, "so far") We enjoyed our Christmas breakfast of eggs, bacon and potatoes. He opened his gifts. He especially loved the Transformers PJs from his sister and neice. We watched A Christmas Story and I had a chance to explain what a Triple Dog Dare was. We watched The Yule Log. Isn't it funny how that log burns for hours and hours and the log never diminishes? Must be one of the miracles of Christmas.

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

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