Tuesday, December 1, 2009

They're Baaaack!

The Sensory Issues.

David has had sensory issues. You know, the stimming, the pressure seeking, the need to be naked, the chewing and mouthing of inappropriate objects.

They are back. With a vengence.

For David, the sensory issues come and go. Usually, he'll display one or two sensory connected behaviors over a period of two weeks or so, then they are gone.

Well, now they are here. ALL OF THEM.

His IEP doesn't address his sensory needs at all because the issues have always been short-lived. Redirection and ignoring some behaviors has worked just fine.

Not now. He stripped on the bus today. He's been cramming his body into wherever it will fit. Clothing is optional in his world right now and he is opting out. He can't sit still because he is constantly seeking sensory stimulation. Cramming his body, wanting deep pressure massages of his feet, stuffing the sleeves of sweaters into his mouth so deeply he gags.

He is really having a hard time right now and I don't know how to help him. When he's like this, he is non stop motion. Raw, naked, non-stop motion.

I have noticed that colder weather seems to bring on the sensory issues. He doesn't seem to have any problems in the summertime. Could that be right? Can a change in weather cause this?

What can I do to help David feel better? He really seems bothered. I know some of you have kids with sensory issues. I would appreciate any suggestions.

I'm going to leave a note for his behaviorist tomorrow asking that we address the sensory issues right now in school. I don't think this round is going to go away in the typical two weeks.

Time for David's shower and a nice deep pressure massage.


Age said...

i found your blog, realized your another jersyan hehehe, so thought i may chime in to help ya out. Have you ever tried a body sock? Ever tried a weighted blanket or weighted vest? Ever try a wet suit? They may all help you! Hope you find something, and good luck

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