Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"N" Is For Nipple

David doesn't communicate with words. He uses his handy-dandy- see- if- you- all- can- figure- it- out- method (Patent Pending)

The other day, we were watching one his his Waterford tapes (www.waterford.org)
The Waterford series is really great. David and his classmates love them!

Anyway- We were watching and the letter N was introduced. N-Nose What else begins with N.

David took off his shirt and tapped his nipples.
That's my boy! A wiseguy answer. Original, I give it an 8.

That's how David is. He does communicate. He communicates in the way he is most comfortable with. He communicates in ways that he knows will get him what he wants. He communicates in ways that he knows will make me laugh.

N is for Nipple was funny.

David's way of communicating is not appropriate in the "real" world. People in the real world use speech or sign language. David doesn't have much of either one right now. I encourage him to say words and use signs and not eat or hide his PECS.

I don't discourage the way he communicates now. Is that right? According the all the "experts" it isn't.

But you know what? My son knew that N is for Nipple. He told me with his hands and body that N is for Nipple. He did it until the letter "O" came on. I told him if he can show me a body part that begins with the letter O, I would buy him a car.

He thought that was funny.


Hummingbirder said...

Good one, David! He's smart, that's for sure. I think these kids understand a lot more than we sometimes imagine.

Anonymous said...

Thats hilarious, boys will be boys no matter how disabled they are or not :). I have 4 boys and 1 girl, believe me I've heard and seen it all, two of my children have special needs.

When my daughter was your sons age she couldn't use sign, pecs, words, she would have these god awful tantrums that lasted for hours to communicate or she'd bite someone, scratch someone or use her feces to draw us wonderful pictures :eye roll:. Today at nearly 20, she is verbal as any girl should be! What helped her the most was just plain patience, and waiting for her chance to shine. At 10 years old, doctors told us she probably won't ever be able to speak, its already to late they said for any chance of a miracle, although in my heart I just knew at her own time she'll get her voice. It all of a sudden happened 2 or 3 years later when she started hitting puberty. It was like my quiet little girl began telling us stuff more then we wanted to know. It was a shock to everybody.

A doctor I will never ever forget once told us with autism, you never know what will happen, you can have severely nonverbal not potty trained autistic one year and then the next have a verbal potty trained autistic the next. Its all about time. With us, there was no fancy diets, no fancy treatments, or therapies, just it came with time. I'm in a group with other parents of special needs, and they found their children succeeded and even improved just as much as some of the other kids today on all the biomedicals, but instead on their own sweet time naturally. It can happen. The doctor who told us about how autism is one of the most mysterious and mind boggling disorders out there, also explained that its not uncommon for miracles of speech to happen at any age, to not let statistics or rumors fool you. Don't lose faith yet!

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