Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Say What?

David loves music. He can hear a song once and know it. Every note, tempo, and chord change. It's one of the very cool things about him.

On Saturday, we were in the car. I had the sunroof open and I was cranking the tunes.
Everything was going swimmingly until...

That Rihanna. Her and her Rude Boy. At first I thought it was a catchy tune. Then I checked out the lyrics. I watched David in the rear-view popping to the music, singing the song in his way, and I could have sworn I saw that boy snapping his fingers.

Um, No son. No Rude Boy for you. I am wondering where he heard that song before.

I have to check with his bus driver. She does play music on her bus. The only music I've ever heard coming from the bus was old school Motown. Maybe that's the music she plays at the home stops. Hmmm.... Maybe the bus driver channels her inner Rihanna when there are no parents around.

There are so many Say What moments for parents. We living in autismland seem to have more than our fair share. This school year, we had to request another bus for David because he was injured on the bus he was assigned to in September. He suffered from mysterious bruises on his thighs. Since he's being potty trained, we assumed the bruises were from being held down on the potty during bathroom time. His teacher assumed he was being bruised from being held down at home. Then suddenly David didn't want to get on the bus in the mornings. SAY WHAT?!?

We're in the process of finding an out of district placement for David for the next school year. The process isn't going well. We need to find a place for a severely autistic, sensory challenged, always singing, sometimes throwing, sometimes book eating, five year old boy. Oh- and the school can't use ABA as their maim treatment modality. SAY WHAT?!?

Yep, that's what we're looking for. We visited two schools so far. The first school accepted him for placement. However, that school is not a school for the autistic, but for the multi-disabled. David would be placed in a classroom with 4 other boys who are 2-3 years older and none of those boys are autistic. This school was lovely. It had nice programs and a nice staff, but to me, it seemed like a place where not much is expected. It's a place where students are sent to do their 180 school days. Most of the students there were so challenged physically and cognitively that all they could do was be cared for during the day. That's not the place for my son.

The second school seemed like it would be a better fit. During intake, David was at his worst. Hyper, touching everything and everyone. He bit the principal. I knew when he bit the principal, who was far from amused, he wasn't going to be accepted there. The reasons we were given for the rejection were all based on his behaviors at in-take. Say What?!?

David is fine in a classroom. He does sit. He does attend.He has never bitten a classmate. He has bitten staff members, but they know there is no ill intent with his biting. He uses biting as a way to communicate.

We're now in phase 2 of Find-A-School. I wonder how many say what moments that will bring.

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Hummingbirder said...

I hope you find a great school for your son. You both deserve it! I kinda had to laugh at biting the principle. Maybe it was David's way of saying he didn't want to go there. :)