Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Dog Days of Summer

Yeah, that's gotta be it!

The last few days with David have been challenging to say the least!

He finished pre-school last Wednesday. He starts his new school the coming Thursday.Maybe my own anxiety about the change in school and transportation is making things seem worse than they really are-

Nope! David is off the chains!

I had to take him to Whole Foods this morning. His behavior there was pretty bad. All the months of Whole Food training sessions were completely lost on him today. He was screaming- Imagine if you will a sustained note so high and piercing that your dental fillings vibrate. Imagine the stares of the other shoppers while your kid is in the shopping cart instead of walking next to it, like he's supposed to and your kid is screaming. And barefoot because he wanted to eat his shoes while in the car ( Gross!) and laughing hysterically for no reason.

Good times.

Over the last few days he has (finally) broken the glass in the door of the entertainment center. Had two poop smear incidents while he was securely ( or so I thought) belted into his pants. Peeled a section of wainscoting from my dining room wall. He removed a plastic plate that was screwed into the wall that covered where an electrical outlet USED to be. He threw the toaster from the kitchen counter to the dining room ( Toasters can hold a lot of crumbs) And has sassed his mother!

Yes, I said sassed. With words. Sentences.

David is one of those guys who will have a word or two. Say those words over the course of a few weeks and then they are never heard again.

For about a month now. David has been consistently verbal. With appropriate ( at least in his head) responses to questions.

After the second poop smear incident, I scolded him pretty good. He was upset with me and didn't want to eat his dinner. He told me he wouldn't eat his dinner. " I WON'T EAT"

When he removed the plastic electrical plate cover thing from his wall this morning, the one that was securely screwed into the wall, I asked him how he removed it from the wall.

David said, " I cut it"

I asked him what he cut it with. That question was met with diabolical laughter.

My husband and I searched his room for contraband. No knives, screwdrivers, or other tools were found.

After the toaster throwing incident earlier today, My boy is now confined to his room- Yeah, he's being so punished with his air-conditioning and flat screen TV. When his Waterford DVD ended, he started screaming. I went into the room and told him I see the DVD has ended and I thought he wanted another one.

Me: David, screaming is not the way to ask for something. What do you say when you want more DVD?

David: "I Want My SHIT!"

It's going to be a long summer.


Amy said...

Oh Kelly! Reading your blog I saw images of when Peter did those things (especially with the poop - not fun). Brandon is also the engineer of the family - he loves to take things apart. I hope this will get better for us really soon. Anytime you want to talk just give me a call. ((Hugs))


Hummingbirder said...

I'm sorry to laugh but this was funny! I'm sure it wasn't funny at the time but you have a great way of describing things.
I think we're going to have a long summer too. Hang in there!